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ROVAEdit Readme published

When I first started work on ROVA Tools around about 7 years ago, RTD2120+RTD2545 based platforms comprised the majority of the hobbyist LCD controller market. I personally spent a lot of time learning about them ultimately creating a firmware editor for that platform. These days RTD2660 based platforms now dominate, with ROVAEdit largely now forgotten.

I will never create a firmware editor for the plethora of RTD2660 boards now available, because there is no point in doing so. The source code for these boards is readily available.

ROVATool however, which was created at the same time, and now supporting RTD2660 still gets around 300 downloads per month, which is a small consolation.

I always meant to write a comprehensive guide of everything I’ve learned about LCD controllers, but ultimately realised that very few would be interested in reading it, so never bothered.

The ROVAEdit readme is the closest I ever got. So here it is.

ROVATool 2.0 released

(ROVATools – Main article)

With the ROVA USB-TOOLS programmer expensive and sold by few vendors, in 2013 I added support for Parallel port programming,
but with PCs equipped with Parallel ports increasingly rare, but this hasn’t been enough.

Recently I was contacted by a knowledgeable, well equipped reader by the name of Rajko Stojadinovic – who has added a frequently requested feature to ROVATool: Even more programming hardware options.

FTDI Based boards

This is a new option, which utilises inexpensive FTDI based boards for programming Realtek devices.

Read more here

ALTERA USB Blaster II Clones

(Or pretty much anything else with a Cypress EZUSB-FX2 on it) This option isn’t entirely new, but details how it’s possible to convert one of these inexpensive dongles into a ROVA USB-TOOLS programmer.

Read more here

Other changes

There aren’t any! Other than that I’ve split out ROVATool into its own download, as most of the users of this suite use the tool for RTD2660 platforms, there is little point in bundling the ROVAEdit tool with it, which is not applicable.


ROVATools v1.2 released

After several emails received from users – I’ve released a new minor version of ROVATools

There are two changes which are applicable to RTD266x platforms only.

  • Added support for Pm25LD010 flash chip
  • Fixed issue where RTD266x platforms cannot correctly program .BIN files which aren’t padded to 256 bytes

It can be downloaded here.