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  1. Hello,

    I write to you because I reckon I do have something every user of HP1670xA/B will think it is useful.
    I am an owner of HP16702A (+ nice set of cards) also and once upon I made a decision that I need a tool for post analysis of data recorded by the HP (RPI protocol can be utilized for accessing the data) and because I am also a programmer (Linux) so then the decision was as simple as “must do”.
    Recently I created a project on Sourceforge (website url) and hope I will be given some feedback and maybe there arise a need to develop the tool further (hope it may be some commercial branch as well).

    I reckon that benefits are obvious:
    – it is possible to analyze recorded data (and saved by the tool) anytime in quiet environment and share these datasets between others. (others don’t need the HP to analyze once recorded traces)
    – it is possible to code various higher level analysis tools (well known as inverse assemblers). I have made public the LPC bus decoder already. It is not complete decoder because it supports only IOR/W requests however it is good enough for example.
    – the tool extends capabilities of native HP UI, e.g. it is possible to invert labels for convenience whereas HP’s viewer doesn’t allow this. One needs to change pods configuration and take a measurement once again.

    If you are Linux familiar then it won’t be difficult to build the tool from sources from sourceforge.
    So would you be interested in and give a try ?
    Then let me know about anything: success story or some oddities or anything else regarding the tool.

    Best regards,
    Krzysztof Blaszkowski

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